Do you have difficulty relaxing? Do you worry over things your friends and family find to be minor? Do you ever panic and feel like you can’t breathe? Do you feel uneasy in social settings and have a hard time interacting in new places? Do you find your worry to be frustrating and exhausting? Could you have anxiety?

Individuals with anxiety often describe the feeling as overwhelming and difficult to control. Symptoms of anxiety may include: persistent worry, difficulty with sleep, lack of enjoyment of activities, feeling restless or unable to relax, and muscle tension. Anxiety can make it difficult to enjoy life with friends and family. It often leaves the individual feeling chronically worried about everything from turning off the stove to wondering if they made the right choice about major life decisions. We use a variety of techniques to help individuals learn to cope with feelings of anxiousness including: stress reduction techniques, hypnosis, deep breathing, and various behavioral techniques. Please call us for an appointment to learn how to manage your stress.

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